Analysis heating system of PET blow molding machine

By CHUMPOWER  2018/02/28
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heating system of PET blow molding machine

Prior to stretch blow forming, PET bottles should be heated by the heating system first to have the PET preform get a certain temperature first. Thus, the heating system is crucial to the PET blow molding machine.

PET preform temperature rises up because it absorbs heat form the IR of quartz tube; the heating distance is adjustable to meet the production of diverse bottle types. The height of the heating oven is adjustable for best fit while PET preform height changes.

PET Preform Heating Temperature Setting

When the design of the entire heating system is complete, test it with instruments; observe if it holds the planned functions. If the PET preform temperature isn't at the one suitable for stretch blow forming, the stretch blow quality will be bad, or the bottle is broken. Therefore, use an IR sensor to detect the PET preform temperature before forming, send the detected data back to a controller to change the output voltage, and control IR tube power (watt) to change the PET preform temperature.

During the stretch blow process of PET preform, to avoid the neck being deformed from heating that causes PET bottle neck unable to be locked tight or gas-leaking, it normally PET blow molding machines will perform neck-protection during the heating process; such as equipping the cooling water runway, blow air to the rotary seat or shield the neck, etc.

PET Blow Molding Machine Manufacturers

Different machines will have different PET preform heating oven structure design ideals, which thus can make the most suitable design of the heating system. As the biggest PET blow molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, CHUMPOWER has over 20 years of rich manufacturing experience from design to bottle blow, from preform/mold design to overall plant production line planning.

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